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7 stops for a great Erie summer day trip!

The cost of everything is up, but you still have to have some fun! Why not experience a summer day trip to Erie, Pennsylvania!

Here are the seven spots you need to visit for a great Erie day trip!

Go beaching, biking, birding at Presque Isle

No summer trip to Erie is complete without a trip to Preque (pres-k) Isle. It’s almost an island (literally, presque in French means almost and isle in French means island.)

Presque Isle offers miles and miles of beaches. There are several guarded beaches where visitors can swim during guard hours. Visitors are not permitted to swim at unguarded beaches or outside of guard hours.

Pack food, stop at Wegmans or Sheetz for hoagies, pick up snacks at Beach Zero and spend several hours under an umbrella and on a towel. The kids can play in the sand, and you can walk the beach or read a book.

If you don’t want to waste the day being a beach bum, Presque Isle offers so many other activities.

You can rent bikes, water trikes, surreys and rollerblades from the Yellow Bike rental company inside Presque Isle.

Presque Isle offers an array of hiking trails — ranging from 0.2 miles to 13.5 miles. Take a hike to Gull Point for the wildlife and serenity!

Go fish! Literally. There are many great spots along Presque Isle to cast a reel. Have a boat? Even better.

Go kayaking! Drop the kayaks in the water from a number of locations throughout the park.

Go birding! Presque is home to many bird species. And many more use the peninsula as a rest stop during migration season.

Tour the Presque Isle Lighthouse!

Plan ahead and take part in programming offered by the state Department of Natural Resources. Find events on this page — nearly all events are free but many require registration.

You could spend two hours or all day at Presque Isle!

Ride the Ravine Flyer at Waldameer

This lakeside amusement park is free to walk in.

Yes, you read that right.

You can walk through the gate at Waldameer for free.

There are paid options for the rides and slides/pool area.

While here, be sure to ride the Ravine Flyer coaster, which consistently is named among the top wooden coasters in the world. It’s got amazing views of Lake Erie!

Plus, check out the iconic Whacky Shake dark ride, Pirate’s Cove, Thunder River and more!

Waldameer has five roller coasters!

Plus, the park’s Water World area is filled with slides, multiple pools and other attractions like the Battle of Lake Erie water zone.

Plus, there’s a variety of food available, including three Dippin’ Dots kiosks!

Waldameer is a cashless park, so all transactions must be completed using a credit/debit card or a Wally Card.

Visit Waldameer for a quick bite and a Ravine Flyer ride or spend half or all day having fun!

Soar above Erie at Dobbins Landing & the Bicentennial Tower

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…

Enjoy a visit to the capstone of Erie’s Bayfront — Dobbins Landing.

This unique area offers prime views of Presque Isle Bay and Erie’s skyline.

Soar 138 feet above Presque Isle Bay with a quick ride to the top of the Bicentennial Tower. Cost is $6 for adults and $2 for kids 7-12. Free admission for everybody is on the second Tuesday of the month.

Once back at lake level, cast a rod into the bay, take a trip on the Victorian Princess, set sail with pirates on a Scallywags Pirate Adventures cruise, grab dinner at the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel’s Bayfront Grille and take a walk around the pier with all of the sights to see.

Get a Romolo milkshake and try sponge candy

If you’ve never heard of sponge candy, you have now.

Take a visit to West Eighth Street for a milkshake at Romolo Chocolates. While there, gander the aisles of chocolate goodies and trinkets in the store.

While there, watch the workers make candy!

But the milkshakes. Get a milkshake. And stay on the patio for a bit.

Calories don’t exist at Romolo. (Besides, after biking Presque Isle and chasing kids at Waldameer, it’s worth it!)

Race go-karts at Erie Sports Center

Check out the new Fun Park at Erie Sports Center, where you can race go-karts and play mini-golf and more.

The go-karts can get up to 30 mph!

Plus, the sports park offers two 18-hole mini-golf courses.

Stroll State Street and Perry Square

There’s so much to do on State Street — from the Erie Art Museum and Erie Children’s Museum to Erie Apparel and an array of restaurants, including the Erie’s new Flagship City Food Hall.

Check out the water fountain at Perry Square.

Plus, on a nice summer day, it’s just a quick walk from Dobbins Landing!

Take a family selfie at the Erie sign

On a nice summer day, walk the Bayfront Promenade from Dobbins Landing to Bayview Park where you’ll find a spectacular view of Presque Isle Bay and Presque Isle.

Be sure to get that family photo with the great Erie sign!

Watch the sun set over Lake Erie

Erie sure has some beautiful sunsets.

There are a number of great places, but the best spot is Sunset Point at Presque Isle. Before heading into the park, stop at Sara’s for orange twist cones (or take your Romolo milkshakes).

Then head over to Sunset Point, which is just to the west of Beach 10. (Another great spot is along the beach behind Presque Isle Lighthouse.)

Be sure to find out what time sunset is and don’t leave until at least 20 minutes after the sun has set. The sky is beautiful!

Pack a blanket, some water, the phone for great photos and enjoy the evening.

(By the way, some people call Sunset Point “Kite Beach,” so if you see that in a Google search, it’s the same thing!)