Why you should stay at the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel

Note: A version of this review is also published as a Google review for the hotel. It has been edited for ExploreErie.com. In addition, this is not sponsored or paid — it’s my honest thoughts on the hotel.

The Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel is, hands down, my favorite Marriott property I’ve ever stayed at.

Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel

I come to Erie very regularly for weekend/extended stays to enjoy Presque Isle, etc., and I try to stay at the Sheraton as often as possible.

In fact, in the past 13 months (as of Sept. 3, 2022), I’ve had the pleasure and ability to stay in this hotel for about 34 nights.

In that time, I reached out to the staff for only one minor issue.

Every staff member I encounter is nothing but courteous and kind — from cleaning crews to maintenance workers, foodservice and guest services.

They’ve always been so great and friendly. I honestly can say I’ve never encountered an issue with the staff here and always think about how great the employee training and hiring process must be. So, hats off to the management team and White Lodging for such stellar work.

In an August 2022 stay, I was arriving late from the train and reached out ahead of time to let them know. They quickly sent me the mobile key and assured me that I’d have no issues getting to my room at such a late hour. And I had no issues.

In addition, it is the only Marriott property I’ve stayed at that successfully uses the in-app services. If I need additional towels or have a question, I use the Bonvoy app and questions/services are quickly addressed.

When friends and colleagues inquire about things to do, places to stay and where to eat in Erie, I quickly suggest the Sheraton. You could have an entire romantic getaway weekend at the Sheraton and never leave the property (or at least not venture too far).

The rooms are incredibly clean. Everything has always been in working order for me (TV, fridge, curtains, bathroom, etc).

The hotel rates are reasonable when demand is low and are high when demand is high, as one might expect.

When compared to prices at other hotels on Peach Street and considering the superior level of service and cleanliness (and the view!), there is no question the Sheraton is worth it.

A few things to keep in mind or consider when booking and staying:

  • Be kind to the staff. They are amazing. While the property certainly lives by the “Disney appearance” belief (that is, put on a great show in front of the curtain for the audience), there is no doubt they are impacted by having fewer staff members right now. Be patient and kind to them.
  • If it’s your first time, splurge for the bay view room and make sure to avoid any room ending in “02” or “04” (and maybe “24”) because the view of Erie’s Bicentennial Tower is obstructed by the building. But all bay views rooms offer a 100 percent incredible view of the bay, Presque Isle and Lake Erie (for higher floors).
  • In rooms with bathtubs, the tub area and curtain do not provide enough area for taller people or people with large arm spans. Sounds odd, but if you’re tall, you know what I mean. If you try to turn around, it could be tricky. If you can get a room with a shower only, do it.
  • Not every floor has a microwave or self-service laundry. But they’re only a few floors away if yours doesn’t have it.
  • Parking is $14 per day. I think that’s steep, especially for Erie. But we pay it because we have to. I have skipped the garage fee sometimes and parked on the street (a metered day is $10 and Sundays are free). In the winter, I prefer the garage if it’s snowing for obvious reasons.
  • The walk from the garage to the hotel is odd. There is a “tunnel” of sorts with an awning to protect guests from rain, snow and sun. It’s a long walk if you’ve got kids, are older or have a physical disability. Of course, you could do drop-offs at the main door, but, logistically, it is a bit of a pain.
  • The pool offers two hours of late-night adults-only swim. Most guests must not know this, so I’ve been lucky enough to have the whirlpool to myself. And, the pool does tend to be a little chilly. The pool area is great for reading.
  • All of the food I’ve had from the hotel is great — from the Bayfront Grille to the club lounge and room service. I do not eat meat, but friends and family who do have had nothing but praise for meat options on the menu. And the drinks! Enjoy the bar!
  • The lobby is small and can be pretty noisy and busy. It’s not a great place to hang out unless you’re waiting for others or are heading to the bar/restaurant. The lobby is gorgeous and looks so pretty when decorated for the holidays!

Anything conceived above as “negative” should not deter you from staying at the Sheraton Erie hotel.

All of that said: If you’re coming to Erie, stay at the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel. You’ll love it.